NXP® continues its leading position in interface devices offering you a vast portfolio for all of your design needs.

I2C Bus

NXP continues its leading position in I2C Bus devices, offering you a vast portfolio for all of your design needs.

I2C Temperature Sensors

Temperature sensors offer high-resolution solutions for your thermal management needs – from process control to computing applications.

I2C Voltage Level Translators

NXP voltage level translators allow easy connection of I2C signals between a wide range of supply voltage domains.

I2C LED Controllers

LED controllers/drivers for blinking, dimming, and color mixing LEDs. Using I2C LED controllers frees the microprocessor for other purposes.

I2C DIP Switch

Serial EEProms to store configuration data and DIP switches for replacement of mechanical switches.

I2C Fast-Mode Plus

From zero to 1 MHz so you can go to the next design level with higher data rates and up to 540 pF bus loading.

I2C General Purpose I/O

NXP’s I/O expander (GPIO) drives LED and monitors switches without using any microprocessor pins.

I2C DACs and ADCs

I2C Bus functions for any system. Serial EEProms to store configuration data and DIP switches for replacement of mechanical switches.

I2C Real-Time Clocks (RTC)

RTCs to suit applications needing accurate time keeping: ultra-low power, high-temperature tolerant, temperature compensated, and high-accuracy.


Serial EEProms to store configuration data and DIP switches for replacement of mechanical switches.

I2C Bus Controller and Bridge ICs

Bridge ICs allow designers to connect together devices that use different serial buses.

I2C Bus Repeaters/Hubs/Extenders

Buffer I2C signals for a more reliable system and better noise immunity.

I2C Multiplexers/Switches

I2C Bus multiplexers and switches connect an upstream I2C Bus to any combination of downstream I2C busses.

In-Vehicle Network

NXP’s proven portfolio for in-vehicle networking covers CAN, LIN, FlexRay transceivers and controllers as well as flexible power management through the System Basis Chip offering. Our automotive Ethernet product line includes PHY and switch products for safe and secure high-speed networks.

CAN Transceivers and Controllers

NXP®’s broad CAN and CAN FD portfolios cover all CAN functions and power modes, supporting bit rates up to 5 Mbit/s, with excellent EMC performance, leading quality and a multi-sourced industrial base.

FlexRay Transceivers

NXP offers highly robust, best-in-class FlexRay node transceivers and active star couplers with a gap-free specification, enhanced diagnosis, low-power management and different wake-up scenarios.

LIN Transceivers

NXP’s LIN portfolio includes a versatile range of single, dual and quad LIN transceivers with dedicated feature sets, as well as a complete set of LIN mini System Basis Chips enabling scalable, cost-effective, space optimized and customizable LIN ECU designs.

LIN, ISO9141, J1850 Physical Interfaces

These SMARTMOS® devices provide physical interface support for the J1850 and ISO9141 communication protocols.


NXP Automotive Ethernet portfolio leverages the unmatched company expertise on safety, security and true automotive focus, offering our customers high-quality and highly reliable solutions including PHY and switch products.

System Basis Chip

Our highly-integrated System Basis Chip (SBC) portfolio combines many key functions for a wide range of Automotive MCU-based applications. It provides flexible power management together with multiple CAN/LIN transceivers and additional system functions to simplify application design and to reduce overall system cost.

LCD Drivers

NXP continues its leading position in LCD drivers, offering you a vast portfolio of products used for automotive and industrial applications.

Automotive LCD Drivers

Support a wide range of resolutions (from 4x32 up to 4x160 segments), with cased as well as chip-on-glass versions available.

LCD Graphic Drivers

Support a large number of icons and a series of 7- or 14-segment digits.

LCD Character Drivers

Support any LCD dot matrix displaying some lines of characters in 5 x 8 dot format through an on-chip character generator ROM.

LCD Segment Drivers

Support any static or multiplexed LCD containing up to a certain number of segments or icons.

USB Interfaces

USB Type-C, Micro-USB Type B and A connector interface.

USB Type-C

Delivering data rates up to 10 Gbps and up to 100 W of power, USB Type-C is the new connector for all next generation products.

Micro-USB Interface

The MC34827 is a dedicated integrated circuit for managing charging and signal multiplexing between a cell phone and its accessory via a 5-pin Mini or Micro-USB connector.

Driver Assistance Transceivers

Check out NXP®’s leading edge transceivers for driver assistance applications like radar and V2X (vehicle-to-everything).

Radar Transceiver Chip Set

Enables single radar platform with electronic beam steering and wide field-of-view to support long, mid-, and short-range radar applications for auto safety, communications infrastructure, and industrial systems.

Integrated Radar Transceiver

Fully integrated automotive radar transceiver enables key safety applications including emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitoring, cross-traffic alert and automated-parking.

DSRC Modem

Wireless Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) modem for automotive V2X applications.