NXP offers a comprehensive range of analog switches that support both analog and digital I/O expansion applications, such as speaker selection in cell phones or sensor selection in industrial process monitoring applications. NXP’s Single-Pole, Single-Throw (SPST) to Six-Pole, Double-Throw (6PDT) solutions are suitable for a variety of switching applications including USB, camera signal switching, baseband data switching, sensor data multiplexing, video and audio switching, sample and hold circuits, and GPIO expansion.

Features and Benefits:

  • Low RON (NX3L family = 0.75 Ω) results in low-loss switching and reduced signal attenuation
  • Wide supply range (1.4 to 4.3 V) and RON flatness (0.1 Ω typ) for reduced total harmonic distortion in high-quality audio switching
  • High current handling (up to 350 mA continuous) for use in varous applications and conditions
  • Low leakage (< 50 nA at 85 °C) for longer battery life
  • Break-before-make switching eliminates risk of momentary short between channels
  • Over voltage-tolerant control inputs and low-threshold input variants eliminate extra level translators
  • Excellent ESD performance (7.5 kV HBM) for robust designs
  • Fully specified (-40 to +85 °C and -40 to +125 °C)
  • AEC-Q100, grade 1 variants available (-Q100 suffix)
  • Pb-free, RoHS and Dark Green compliant for environmentally friendly systems
  • Ultra-small packages for easier placement in tight layouts


  • Cellular handsets and smart phones
  • MP3 players and mobile video players
  • IoT, Smarthomes
  • DSCs and digital camcorders
  • Portable handhelds (PDAs, GPS devices, notebook PCs)
  • Consumer entertainment (LCD TVs, STBs)
  • Personal computing (USB 2.0, VGA, audio)
  • Portable instrumentation
Featured Parts
Part Number Description Datasheet Order
NX3DV221GM High-speed USB 2.0 switch with enable input PDF
(1.1 MB)
NX3DV2567HR-Q100 Low-ohmic four-pole double-throw analog switch PDF
(168.4 KB)
NX3L1G3157GW Low-ohmic single-pole double-throw analog switch PDF
(258.2 KB)
NX3L1T5157GM Low-ohmic single-pole double-throw analog switch PDF
(549 KB)
NX5DV715HF Dual supply 1-of-2 VGA switch PDF
(362 KB)
NX5L2750CGU Analog switch with negative swing audio capability PDF
(155 KB)

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