NXP’s mix of interface solutions offers the products you need to advance your next industrial or automotive application design.


Audio amplifiers and converters.

Audio Converters

Portfolio covers widest dynamic range in the industry, everything from complete turnkey solutions to customer-specific designs, highest resolution and sampling rates, extensive system and application support.

Audio Amplifiers

Superior robustness, Complete portfolio from low to high output power, Analog and digital inputs available, Pin-to-pin compatible families, Excellent EMC performance.


Robust, scalable solutions for the industrial and automotive markets to allow for quick configuration and design.

USB Interfaces

USB Type-C, Micro-USB Type B and A connector interface.

I2C Bus

NXP continues its leading position in I2C Bus devices, offering you a vast portfolio for all of your design needs.

In Vehicle Network

NXP’s proven portfolio for in-vehicle networking covers CAN, LIN, FlexRay transceivers and controllers as well as flexible power management through the System Basis Chip offering. Our automotive Ethernet product line includes PHY and switch products for safe and secure high-speed networks.

LCD Drivers

NXP continues its leading position in LCD drivers, offering you a vast portfolio of products used for automotive and industrial applications.

PCI Express

Check out NXP's extensive portfolio for all your interface and connectivity needs. Our devices include broadband communication ICs, transceivers and fail-safe SBCs for automotive, video SERDES, and many, many more, such as extensive solutions for the ubiquitous connectivity standards of UART, SPI, HDMI and I2C.


Target the application requirements of today and tomorrow. Our industry-leading UART solutions cover industrial and 16C UARTs as well as a growing number of specialty devices, such as our I2C bridge family.

Signal Chain

Signal connectivity from analog switches to real-time clocks.

Analog Switches

Support both analog and digital I/O expansion applications, such as speaker selection in cell phones or sensor selection in industrial process monitoring applications.


Bridge ICs offer compact, low-power protocol converters for creating simpler, more flexible designs while reducing software overhead and time-to-market.

Clocks with LCR drivers

CMOS ICs for clocks, watches and real-time clocks.


NXP offers a range of low-power voltage comparators, include single and dual configurations with standard push-pull.

High-speed Multiplexer

NXP high-speed muxes/switches support AC-coupled and non- AC-coupled interfaces in a range of formats: LVDS, DisplayPort, USB 3.0, SATA, SAS, PCIe.

Memory Data Switches

Includes industry-leading HC/T and LVC families, our newest AUP family, translator and bus switch functions.

Real-Time Clocks

NXP's broad portfolio of tiny, full-featured real-time clocks deliver higher accuracy and lower power consumption to a variety of end applications.

Voltage Level Translators

Interface between different supply and input/output voltage levels.

Application Specific Voltage Translators

Voltage Level Translators for application specific.

Bidirectional with directional pin

NXP's comprehensive product portfolio includes industry-leading HC/T and LVC families, our newest AUP family, and translator and bus switch functions. Our packages include ultra-compact DQFN, HVQFN, and MicroPak XSON. Our DDR register offering is the broadest in the industry.

Bidirectional without directional pin

Bidirectional Voltage Translators without Direction Pin.