Terrestrial Digital Radio Processor

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Product Details


HD Radio Technology

  • HD Radio signal decoding for AM and FM digital audio
  • Dual HD Radio support for support of 2nd station for background scanning and data service
  • Front-end to baseband interface support through serial baseband I²S-bus type interface
  • Secondary baseband interface for dual tuner applications
  • Metadata support for HD Radio reception
  • Data services support for HD Radio reception
  • Advanced HD Radio feature support, such as:
    • Conditional Access (CA)
    • Store and replay
    • Apple ID3 tag
    • Multicasting
    • Electronic Program Guide (EPG)

Digital Audio

  • Up to 6 channel (5.1) audio support through I2S-bus serial audio interface
  • Optional SRC (8 kHz to 48 kHz) for up to 6 channels of I2S-bus audio output
  • I2S-bus serial audio input for auxiliary processing
  • Optional SRC (8 kHz to 48 kHz) for I2S-bus input
  • Optional restricted support for 96 kHz input and output sample-rate conversion
  • Optional digital audio output through S/PDIF (without SRC)
  • Basic audio processing for external digital audio sources
  • Advanced audio processing (contact NXP for a list of supported audio processing features)


  • Supports SDR-SDRAM controller (up to 512 Mbit in 16-bit configuration)
  • Supports serial NOR-Flash memory with various sizes depending on the actual application

Other Peripheral Interfaces

  • Two I2C-bus interfaces
  • Three serial peripheral interfaces (SPI)
  • One UART interface
  • Five individual GPIO pins for applications and diagnostics
  • One JTAG interface for diagnostics


  • One internal clock oscillator and two internal Phase-Locked Loops (PLL)
  • Can run on external crystal or reference clock from an external IC
  • Powerful signal and audio processing core architecture
  • Qualified in accordance with AEC-Q100

Part numbers include: SAF3560EL, SAF3560HV.


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