The smart haptic driver is a driver IC with a sophisticated smart haptic and LRA protection algorithm. The internal boost converter raises the supply voltage to provide ample headroom for major improvements in LRA performance of clean haptic effects and audio display features. Unlike competing solutions, the adaptive haptic boost algorithm uses feedback to accurately calculate both the temperature, the excursion, and resonance frequency, allowing the smart haptic driver to adapt to changes in the LRA condition and environment. It enables audio display, audio to haptic, and short click use cases.


  • Home Button & Robustness (F0) with boost/brake feature
  • Audio to Haptic conversion feature for gaming and media use case of movie/music with protection algorithm
  • Audio display with LRA with protection algorithm and tuning algorithm

The next generation of Haptic technology allows manufacturers to reach the 100% full-screen ratio by removing all physical buttons, including those on the edge.


  • Smartphones and Tablets/Notebook
  • Gaming devices
  • Home Appliances
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