Compact models are mathematical descriptions (equations) of semiconductor devices used in analog circuit simulators. NXP has a simulator-independent compact transistor model library, called SiMKit. Here you can find the latest model information and downloads including full documentation as well as the complete SiMKit source code.


What's New in 4.9

Version 4.9 of the SiMKit library is now available. On this website, previous versions can be found as well. The main developments of this release are:

  • The 12-terminal overvoltage checking device (ovcheck6) was added
  • The SOA message format was improved
  • Corrected false SOA warning with APS
  • Updated to PSP103.5 including a small bug fix
  • Corrected noise source types of some models (previously ignored by AFS)
  • For Spectre, an alias 'pwr' for the OP-parameter Pdiss was added
  • Some performance improvements

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