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How to access your Software products


How to renew your Software


CodeWarrior® Home Screen

CodeWarrior<sup>&#174;</sup> Home Screen

Support Policy

  • This download defaults to a short evaluation period, typically 30 Days.
  • If you need to extend your evaluation period, you can obtain an evaluation license by doing the following:
    • Goto
    • Select "My NXP" (You will need to login in order to obtain the license.)
    • Select "Software Licensing"
    • Look for the record of your Eval in the "Downloaded Evaluations" area
    • Select "Extend Evaluation" and follow on-screen instructions to retrieve your license

NOTE: There is a limited number of times that you can extend an evaluation, and this option may not be available for all evaluation software.

Getting Started with CodeWarrior

"How to" Videos (Licensing)

List of our most frequently asked questions in regards to licensing and registration of CodeWarrior® products.

Please contact NXP support for any additional questions or problems regarding your CodeWarrior® product. If you need to register or obtain a license for your CodeWarrior® product, please visit the CodeWarrior® License Information section.