These downloads contain the necessary software to install the FLEXlm license manager.  The license manager software should be installed on the license server machine which will facilitate floating licenses for your NXP product.

Please locate below the appropriate download for your license server machine.  If you are not sure, you should consult with your license server administrator.

Below is a table that outlines which Operating System versions we officially support and test with our license manager.
NOTE: Any installation or use outside of this scope will not be officially supported.

Installer Versions Supported 
 Windows  Win2003, Win2008, Win7
 Linux   Red Hat EP v5.x, Red Hat EP v6.x, SUSE 11 Ubuntu 12.04

ID and Description Vendor ID Format Size K Rev # Availability
Floating License Installation Guide for Windows - Brochure  
NXP   pdf   6051   1  
License Manager Installer for Linux
NXP   bin   80756   2  
License Manager Installer for Windows
NXP   exe   46835   2