PE_QORIQ_DDRV: Double Data Rate RAM Memory Validation (DDRV)



Double Data Rate RAM Memory Validation (DDRV)

Double Data Rate RAM Memory Validation (DDRV)

Tesing DDR Memory Using the DDR Validation Tool - How To


Installing and Licensing DDRv Tool - How To


DDRV- Configuration and Optimization in 3 minutes


Supported Devices

System Requirements

  • Host computer system requirements
    • Microsoft Windows 7 ®
    • Microsoft Windows Vista® (SP2) (32-bit) Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, Enterprise, Ultimate Edition
    • Microsoft Windows XP Professional® (SP3) 32 and 64
    • Red Hat ® Enterprise Linux® 5.4, 32 and 64
    • Ubuntu 8.0.4, 32-bit, 9.10, 32 and 10.04, 64
    • SuSE 11, 32-bit (tested with 11.1)
  • Target system requirements
    • Compatible QorIQ devices (See Supported Devices)
    • Connection method: NXP CodeWarrior Tap

Support Policy

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"How to" Videos (Licensing)

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