ePLM (Product Lifecycle Management) Systems

NXP is migrating to a new PLM provider in order to better serve our suppliers' needs.

Vendor Collaboration Portal (VCP)

As NXP retired the Agile ePLM system, we migrated to Vendor Collaboration Portal (VCP) .

For further information on how to navigate the VCP, please refer our training material for VCP . If you have questions or require further assistance, please contact hwcoe-automation@nxp1.onmicrosoft.com.

Silicon-Package Innovation

The review process for vendor design files will be done through an NXP SharePoint site.

  • Revisions of released design files will be downloaded through your vendor-specific Aras ePLM Supplier Collaboration site. File availability will be communicated via email
  • NXP will request External Qualification Process approvals through email; vendors will respond via email

For released design files, Agile ePLM will remain in read-only mode and allow file access for released files that were implemented before Nov. 18, 2023. Any new released files will be available in the vendor-specific Aras ePLM Supplier Collaboration site.

Silicon-Silicon BOM

Vendors will exchange emails with the NXP parts contacts listed below: