• How To - Product Selector

We made a few changes to improve the selection experience.

We added a “Filter by Part Number” textbox that allows you to search for an specific part on the product family you are looking for.

Parameters are now aligned to the left and can be activated/deactivated from the table results by checking/unchecking the box.

Parameters can also be expanded using the arrow to the right to see the available values.

Filters can be reset by clicking “Reset filter” located at the top of the filter area. This link will appear once you select one or more filters:

Compare button will be available once you select two or more parts

Sort A-Z is available by clicking the arrows next to the parameter name

The selector will display initially 20 parts but more can be loaded using the “Load More” button located at the bottom of the results table:

You can filter down a product family by using the “Device Type” dropdown menu. This filter is only available on the main product selector: