Dear mobile application developer, welcome to the exiting world of NFC

Near field communication (NFC) is a standards-based short range wireless connectivity technology, available in NFC enabled mobile devices and tiny tags, to help digitize and connect physical products to the Web to make them smarter.

Many great NFC and IoT application solutions have been developed and deployed since NFC was introduced, and the ecosystem sees continuous growth and new applications.

NFC Mobile Apps

When enhancing physical products with digital NFC capabilities, they become smarter, more interactive, and more trackable, driving more value for consumers and businesses. NFC applications range from direct consumer engagement, brand and product protection, end-to-end traceability, loyalty and payment schemes, connected devices, product registration and reordering and much more.

Apple recently announced that iOS 11 will support NFC tag reading on phones. That’s a game changer, since all iPhone 7s and newer models will now be able to read NFC tags just like Android devices. It means that most of the two billion people worldwide who own smartphones (almost one third of the world population) will have a reader device in hands to interact with NFC tags. So, NFC will enable many more consumer and business benefits.

Become part of the rapidly growing NFC mobile app development community and find out more about the vast possibilities of NFC, regardless whether you are developing apps for the Android or the upcoming iOS11 platform.

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NFC tag starter kit for developers

NXP NFC tags packs containing different NXP NFC tags are available via our inlay and tag manufacturing partners.
The tag kits contain a selection of NFC Forum type 2,4 and 5 tags of our leading NTAG and ICODE tag IC platforms offering different memory sizes, NFC specific features and security levels. This allows you to pick the right tag IC for your application.

Please find more information about the different packs and where to source them below: