We offer a broad selection of next-generation automotive transponders and readers for access and immobilizer systems.

  • Automotive NFC products combine an NFC frontend with an advanced 32-bit microcontroller. Our solutions enable higher integration with fewer components.
  • Automotive Immobilizer systems have helped reduce car theft by more than 90% since they were first introduced. We lead the transponder-based immobilizer market.
  • Passive Keyless Entry systems recognize the driver and open the car as they approach. They also automatically lock the car, turn off the lights, and enable the alarm upon exit.
  • Remote Keyless Entry systems combine access and immobilizer functions. Our latest IC features a RISC processor with the highest flexibility and functionality in a car key.
  • RF Link solutions include a radio frequency transceiver with an embedded microcontroller. They support car keyfob and body control module applications.

Product Order Description
NCF3340AHN Equipped with embedded firmware, the Ncx3340 is an Automotive-qualified  NFC Controller with NCI interface targeted for automotive applications.
NCK2983AHN RF Link, Low Power Multi-Channel UHF Transceiver with Triple Receiver
NCx3320 The NXP® NCx3320 combines high RF output power with robust multiple protocol support. The high integration level makes it ideal for car door...
OL2300NHN Fractional-N PLL based transmitter
OL2311AHN Highly integrated single-chip sub 1-GHz RF receiver
PCF7900VHN Fractional-N-PLL based UHF Transmitter for ISM-band