HITAG® is a well established brand in the low-frequency (LF) RFID market. LF technology is the technology of choice when it comes to harsh environment applications, where highly reliabile, robust and safe data transmission is required.

NXP’s HITAG portfolio offers four generations of LF transponder ICs. The family members are HITAG µ, HITAG S, HITAG 2 and HITAG 1. HITAG transponder ICs operate at a frequency range of 100 to 150 kHz and offer the advantage of being robust in harsh environments (e.g. with metal or moisture in the antenna field). This ensures safe data transmission, unaffected by electronic interference. To enable the best solution for each application, the HITAG portfolio includes ICs with different memory sizes, read/write or read-only access, standard compliance, proprietary encryption and a huge variety of delivery formats.

Transponder ICs in the HITAG family are not only compliant to ISO 11784/85 or ISO 14223 animal identification standards, they also support the industrial ISO 18000-2 standard. HITAG transponder ICs feature an ultra low power design, providing long read ranges needed for livestock tracking.

low-frequency HITAG-S ICs

NXP low-frequency HITAG-S ICs

3rd generation HITAG for low-cost RFID.

NXP low-frequency HITAG-μ ICs

4th generation HITAG for advanced, low-cost RFID.