Products using the NTAG® SmartSensor ICs

There are many products using NTAG SmartSensor ICs. These customers have agreed to display their products on our webpage. If you have a product based on the NTAG SmartSensor and would like to be featured on this page, please contact


Ambimat’s Smart Label is a paper thin data logger; stick-able on any regular surface, wirelessly interfaced with a mobile device over NFC and records temperatures over a specified interval. It has an onboard battery to power the data logger.

Avery Dennison®

Avery Dennison TT Sensor Plus™ 2 monitors temperature over time. The solution consists of an intelligent NFC label associated with a mobile app (SDK available) for smartphones, a software for computer and a cloud environment (API available). The versatile tag can logs up to 150 k points during three years.


The Chronicled Temperature Logger is a Next Generation micro-logger, which combines innovative hardware, with a cloud-based software platform, to monitor temperature-sensitive shipments from manufacturing down to the last mile.

The NFC Temperature Logger is a credit-card sized device which utilizes near-field communication (NFC) technology to download temperature data using a cell phone. This solution allows for the download of temperature data whenever, wherever, and as often as you like; with the simple tap of your cell phone. Once downloaded, the temperature data is sent to the cloud, where it is viewable via a secure, personalized web-enabled dashboard anywhere in the world. The platform has been certified as 21 CFR Part 11 compliant for pharmaceutical industry applications.

Eigent Technologies

Eigent Vector V2 is a cost-effective, combination NFC and BLE temperature monitor utilizing the highly accurate NIST-traceable digital temperature sensor from NXP®. Complete data sets can be transferred to the same smartphone app via standards-based Near Field Communication (NFC) or Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and are seamlessly connected to web servers in the Cloud. With a fully customizable platform, Eigent welcomes partnerships with market participants of all sorts.


Identiv’s uTrust Sense Temperature Tracker is a portable powered smart sensor that tracks and stores temperature readings and can be read locally by NFC (Near Field Communication) readers, such as mobile phones, or uploaded to the Internet for analytics purposes. A smart sensor for the IoT market, this temperature tracker empowers businesses in a broad range of market segments by providing low-cost temperature monitoring for virtually anything. Typical applications including cold chain, medical products, pharmaceutical logistics and monitoring of transportation of fragile goods.


Intellilog is a temperature data logger in the format of a visiting card which can be mounted close to or directly onto a product. It can be activated and read using an NFC enabled smartphone. The temperatures of the monitored goods that were recorded since activation are displayed on the smartphone app, thus enabling any deviation of the predetermined temperature to be monitored and backtracked. If required, the data can be stored, administered, analyzed and shared in the cloud. Due to its size and flexibility, the Intellilog data logger is particularly suitable for high-value individual products.