NTAG SmartSensor

The NTAG SmartSensor extends NXP’s NFC portfolio of passive NFC tags and smart electronic devices. The NTAG SmartSensor devices are single-chip solutions combining NFC smartphone connectivity with autonomous sensing, data processing and logging. The NTAG SmartSensor is easy to use in an application by simply adding an NFC antenna and a battery. The devices are also versatile and can be easily combined with other companion chips like radios or sensor solutions.

Like the rest of NXP’s NTAG products, they work seamlessly with our NFC reader ICs, which are used in more than 90% of all NFC-equipped mobile handset models. The NTAG SmartSensor communicates via NDEF-formatted data.

Internet of Things

NTAG SmartSensor devices are ideal for IoT products. Data collected in the application is transferred via an NFC reader into the cloud for further treatment and analysis. As most smartphones have an NFC interface, data collection and reading are intuitive with dedicated apps on the phone.

NTAG SmartSensor portfolio
Part Number Sensors Multiplexer IO Interfaces Package
Digital IO Temp ADC DAC Current Digital IO Analog IO SWD I2C SPI
NTAG SmartSensor
NTAG SmartSensor
NTAG SmartSensor
Gold bumps
Therapy adherence monitor
Therapy adherence monitor
NTAG SmartSensor Tools
Part Number Description
NHS3100THADADK Therapy Adherence starter kit
NHS3100TEMOADK Temperature Monitoring starter kit
NHS3100-SDK Software Development Kit
NHS3152TEMOADK General starter kit
NHS3152THADADK Therapy Adherence starter kit

Medical and pharmaceutical use

NHS3100 and NHS3152 are individually temperature-calibrated in production and ISO/IEC 17025 calibration certificates with NIST traceability are available here .

Temperature Characteristics:

  • Absolute accuracy of 0.3°C in the range of 0 to 40°C
  • Absolute accuracy of 0.5°C in the range of -40 to 0°C and 40 to 85°C

Temperature recalibration is not required for applications that need either accuracy profile.

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