SPM60: Secure Processing Module for fingerprint on card solutions



SPM60: Secure Processing Module

SPM60: Secure Processing Module

Biometric Payments Come of Age

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Biometric Performance

Biometric Performance: What’s Needed for a Seamless Customer Experience?

For Fingerprint on Card technology to succeed, it will have to blend seamlessly into the payment process. Read on to learn about the key parameters of biometric performance ensuring the seamless customer experience.

Secure Element

Why is Fingerprint Matching in the Secure Element the Most Secure Implementation?

Using the Fingerprint on Card feature is fast and simple, but just how secure is it? Read on and learn why security depends on the implementation and what steps are critical to ensure high-level protection.

Fingerprint On Card IMG

Fingerprint on Card Technology: Will it transform your next payment card?

This blog series will introduce you to the new Fingerprint on Card technology while providing a comprehensive overview of its key challenges.