SJA1105TEL: Five- Ports AVB & TSN Automotive Ethernet Switch

NXP SJA1105 Ethernet Switch Series Selection Table
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Package and Interfaces Operating temperature range: −40°C to +105°C (Automotive Grade 2)

Flexible ECU design by:

  • support for any type of Ethernet PHY such as 100/100BASE-T1 and 1000BASE-TX
  • up to four cascaded switches controlled by a single host
LFBGA159 12x12mm2, 0,8mm pitch
MII (3V3)/RMII (3V3)/RGMII (3V3) interfaces
MII/RGMII (all 1V8, 2V5, 3V3) and RMII (2V5, 3V3) interfaces
RGMII internal delay line
SGMII interface
Pin compatibility
Software compatibility
Switching Hash-based L2 look-up table
  • Fine-grained control forwarding decisions in the network
  • Powerful debugging and diagnostic capabilities
TCAM Frame Filtering
Double VLAN tagging support
RMON RFC 2819 Ethernet counters
VLAN-based egress tagging/un-tagging
Frame mirroring and diagnostic features
AVB/TSN Credit-based shaping blocks for IEEE802.1Qav 10 10 16 16 16 16

Key hardware features to enable the implementation of a fully synchronized network for:

  • lip-synched playback of audio and video streams
  • data-transmission scheduling for TSN networks
IEEE802.1AS time stamping support
TSN IEEE802.1Qbv: time-aware shaping
TSN IEEE802.1Qci* (pre-standard): per-stream policing
Security Ingress rate limiting on a per-port and per-priority basis for unicast/multicast and broadcast traffic

Provisions for:

  • authentication of the nodes connected to the network
  • limit the data generated by one or more connected devices
Port reachability limitation and disabling address learning setting
MAC address white & black Listing
Support for IEEE 802.1X-based authentication mechanism
Learn process with "one-shot" option

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