NXP is developing next-generation solutions for fast and secure automotive networking.

CAN Innovation: Secure Communications and Accelerated Networks

CAN is prolific in automotive networking today, powering the majority of communication within the car. Leveraging this in the future autonomous vehicle will dramatically reduce cost and increase reuse. It also means that the CAN interface will need to be re-engineered to meet new requirements with a focus on speed and security. New transceivers redefine the limitations of current CAN FD communication increasing the speed while remaining backward compatible.

This can open CAN FD for use in ADAS applications and simplify network design. The CAN network today is an open bus without any intrinsic security protection – making it vulnerable to malicious acts. Technology from NXP can protect the CAN communication from within the transceiver itself, complementing microcontroller cyber-security solutions to create a secure defense-in-depth network.

Ethernet Innovation

Automotive Ethernet solutions based on IEEE standards like 100BASE-T1 and AVB/TSN are slowly spreading out in the in-vehicle network of modern cars. NXP’s SJA1105x family was the first to market offering 802.1Qbv Time Aware Shaping mechanisms to realize deterministic Ethernet traffic in the network.

Networking Processor and Power Management Innovation

NXP offers a family of low-power MCUs that provide highly integrated, safe and secure single-chip solutions for vehicle networking applications with Power Management ICs, CAN, LIN, FlexRay and Ethernet interfaces. A built-in Hardware Security Module (HSM) protects against attacks and specialized power management enables very low-power modes that are required for automotive networking applications. Functional safety support simplifies compliance for automotive safety systems targeting ISO 26262.