TFA9881D: Digital PDM-input mono 3.4 W Class-D audio amplifier TFA9881 stereo evaluation board



TFA9881D demo board

TFA9881D demo board

Kit Contains

  • Hardware
    • Demoboard
    • TFA9881UK demonstration board with digital input (plus optional analog stereo inputs).
    • A Cyclone III FPGA board. This board acts as an I²S-to-PDM converter and allows the use of a Graphical User Interface (GUI) to control the TFA9881UK devices.
    • FPGA power adapter (12 V). In the Cyclone configuration also the main board is power from this power adapter
    • USB-to-I²C converter module (USM) plus a 4-wire flat cable for demo board control via a PC USB port
    • Audio cable to connect a headphone output of a music player to the demonstration board (mini stereo jack to stereo cinch)
    • USB stick containing control software and documentation
  • Software
    • User control software
    • USM driver to control the TFA9881UK devices
  • Documentation

Supported Devices

  • TFA9881UK: 3.4 W PDM input class-D audio amplifier