LPC Microcontrollers

IoT MCUs Based on Arm® Technology

LPC 32-bit Arm microcontrollers (MCUs) offer exceptional ease of use, design flexibility and advanced integration. LPC continues to transform the MCU landscape with the LPC800, LPC1100 and LPC54000 portfolios focused on addressing the Internet of Things (IoT) design challenges.

LPC800 Chip
LPC800 Series

An entry-level, 8-bit alternative MCU at the right price.

LPC1100 Chip
LPC1100 Series
Integrated Connectivity

A scalable portfolio with industry-standard connectivity.

LPC54000 Chip
LPC54000 Series

A power-efficient, mainstream series for everyone.

Meet all the LPC devices in our portfolio.

LPC Linecard

Series overview plus detailed specifications and part numbers for each device within the LPC portfolio.

LPC MCU Brochure

By giving you the edge in quality, selection and price, LPC MCUs offer the perfect platform to plan for market leadership.

Commitment to Longevity

LPC MCUs are ready to support your development today, tomorrow and beyond through its longevity program. The NXP® Product Longevity program ensures a stable supply of products for your embedded designs.

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