USB2SER: USB to Serial Bridge - a Ready Play® Solution

USB 2.0 Certification

USB certified products are really built to match the description in the USB specification. This is important to a customer because if all products match the spec perfectly they would by definition work together perfectly. The world is not perfect and so compliance testing exists to help manufacturers measure how well their products match the specification.

Windows Certification

The Windows Logo Program is designed to address the current and future market needs of customers using the Windows platform. The Windows logo signifies the compatibility and reliability of systems and devices with the Windows operating system. It gives customers confidence that your product is thoroughly tested with Microsoft-provided tools and ensures a good user experience.

Product with Windows 7 Logo assures compatibility and reliability. Indicates that our driver has been tested to ensure that they meet Microsoft standards for Windows 7 as well as the quality level that ensures a good Windows experience for end users.

Designed and tested for ease of use, better performance, and enhanced security on PCs running Windows Vista. Certified for Windows Vista products:
  • Meet the technical requirements for superior experiences with photos, music, videos, games, and online communications.
  • Ensure compatibility with other Certified for Windows Vista products.

Windows XP Certification indicates systems that provide hardware acceleration technology supporting Windows XP Mode. Windows XP Mode allows legacy applications which require Windows XP to run in a virtual machine instance on a Windows 7 PC.