By adjusting the elevation of the headlight beam, passenger car drivers can compensate for misalignment due to uneven weight distribution. Our TDA3629 light position controller ICs provide an effective and simple solution. With low positional error, it allows drivers to accurately modify their headlight beam, maximizing illumination of the road without blinding oncoming traffic.

The Light position controller (Leucht Weiten Steller, LWS) is a monolithic integrated circuit intended to be used in passenger cars. This device adapts the elevation of the light beam of the head light of the car to a state defined by the car driver using a potentiometer on the dashboard.

Drivers can adjust the elevation as required by simply selecting a new position, and the TDA3629 activates the control motor to raise or lower the angle of the light beam. With low positional error it allows drivers to position their headlight beam accurately, maximizing illumination of the road without blinding any oncoming traffic. Protected against temperatures above 160 ºC and electrical transients, the device also features under and over supply voltage protections and broken wire detection.