H-Bridge, Brushed DC Motor Driver, 5-28 V, 5 A, 20 kHz

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NXP MC33926 Power Actuation Block Diagram

NXP MC33926 Power Actuation Block Diagram


  • 8.0 V to 28 V Continuous Operation (Transient Operation from 5.0 V to 40 V)
  • 225 mOhm maximum RDS(ON) @ 150°C (each H-Bridge MOSFET)
  • 3.0 V and 5.0 V TTL / CMOS Logic Compatible Inputs
  • Overcurrent Limiting (Regulation) via Internal Constant-Off-Time PWM
  • Output Short Circuit Protection (Short to VPWR or Ground)
  • Temperature-Dependant Current-Limit Threshold Reduction
  • All Inputs have an Internal Source/Sink to Define the Default (Floating Input) States Sleep Mode with Current Draw < 50 µA (with Inputs Floating or Set to Match Default Logic States)
  • This product is included in NXP®'s product longevity program, with assured supply for a minimum of 15 years after launch

SafeAssure Functional Safety Program

SafeAssure Functional Safety Program

When it comes to functional safety, NXP stands for quality and reliability. Our SafeAssure program simplifies system-level safety requirements in accordance with ISO 26262.
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