High Voltage PMIC with Multiple SMPS

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Block Diagram

VR5500, High Voltage PMIC Block Diagram

VR5500, High Voltage PMIC Block Diagram


Key Features

  • 60 V maximum input voltage for automotive and truck markets
  • Multiple SMPS and LDO
  • Standby OFF mode with very low sleep current (10 µA)
  • Device control via I2C interface with CRC
  • Three voltage monitoring circuits, dedicated interface for MCU monitoring, power good, reset and interrupt outputs
  • QM, AEC-Q100 rev H qualified


  • Supplies, sequencing, and specific functions can be programmed by One Time programmable (OTP) memory
  • Standard Predefined OTP supporting popular MCU can be found in data sheet under “ordering information” chapter
  • During development phase, Customized OTP part can be programmed using the KITVR55-FSSKTEVM board
  • Custom OTP can be provided for production. Please contact your NXP sales channel (NXP or your distributor)
  • Custom OTP form can be downloaded OTP Configuration Tool

Comparison Table

Scalable Power and Safety Concept

BYLink System Power Platform

BYLink System Power Platform

This platform facilitates the design of safe power management systems thanks to a portfolio of configurable and linkable devices. It simplifies complex power supply subsystems into a single smart solution.
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