High Voltage ASIL D PMIC for S32N Processor -1 HVBUCK, 5 LVBUCK and 1 LDO

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Key Features

  • A high-voltage synchronous buck controller, driving external MOSFETs
  • Five buck regulators with internal power stage
  • One low-power linear regulator
  • One Boost regulator with integrated low side switch
  • 64 pins QFN package with exposed pad, 0.5 mm pitch
  • Automotive qualified AEC-Q100 up to Grade 1

Safety Features

  • Functional safety architecture to target ASIL D applications
  • Real-time monitoring, safety mechanisms and diagnostics
  • ABIST and LBIST for latent fault detection

System Features

  • Optimized low-power architecture, 35 uA quiescent in Standby mode with 3 regulators enabled
  • High-Speed I2C interface with up to 3.4 MHz operation
  • Advance thermal monitoring and thermal shutdown protection
  • Advance frequency management, including frequency spread spectrum, slew rate control, manual frequency tuning
  • One-time programmable (OTP) memory for flexible device configuration


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