Power Management for i.MX Application Processors

NXP's Power Management Integrated Circuits (PMICs) are designed for use with the various families of i.MX applications processors. Utilization of NXP's PMIC with an i.MX processor optimizes power efficiency and software/hardware integration. NXP's PMICs are supported as part of the complete i.MX reference design platforms, which include hardware and software solutions. This provides one-stop customer service and support during the development phase to enable a faster time to market.

NXP's PMICs integrate both switching and linear regulators required for the total system solution. These voltage levels are typically programmable, as are the power-up sequence and timing. These PMICs may also integrate the battery management functions that include a switching or linear battery charger, a coulomb counter, coin cell charger and power path selection. Other functions that may be integrated include a mini/micro USB interface, RTC, LED drivers, audio CODECs, audio amplifiers, GPIOs and ADCs.


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Power Management for i.MX Application Processors ST

A Case Against Discretes

Hidden cost of discrete power solution implementations and how robust and reliable NXP® PMICs effectively reduce project costs.

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