Wireless Power

Safe and secure Qi-compatible wireless power solutions

The NXP wireless power portfolio enables completely cordless experiences for consumer, industrial, and automotive markets without compromising high performance and reliability. Our cost-effective 5 and 15 W transmitter and receiver controller ICs support the Qi industry standard for wireless charging and come to you with a superior enablement environment of software, evaluation boards, and reference designs.

Standard Key Features
Products Type Power
Coils Memory Application Packages
MWCT1xxx MWCT1x1x Transmitter 15 W Single/Multi 64 KB Consumer 32QFN, 64LQFP
MWCT1x0x Transmitter 5 W Single/Multi 32 KB, 64 KB Consumer 32QFN, 64LQFP
MWCT1xxxA MWCT1x1xA Transmitter 15 W Multi 64 KB, 288 KB Auto/Industry 64LQFP
MWCT1x0xA Transmitter 5 W Multi 64 KB, 256 KB Auto/Industry 64LQFP
NXQ1Txx5 NXQ1TXH5 Transmitter 5 W Single - Consumer HVQFN32
MWPR1516 MWPR1516 Receiver 15 W Single 16 KB - 32QFN-EP,
NXxA4WP NX1A4WP Receiver - - - - -

In-Vehicle Wireless Charging Solutions

For single- and multi-coil support in the harshest automotive environments.

Consumer and Industrial Wireless Charging Solutions

Receivers and transmitters for single- and multi-coil configurations, consumer applications and lowest bill of materials.

What's New


NXP Welcomes New Apple iPhones with Qi Wireless Charging

Based on the Qi standard, transmitters everywhere are able to power all types of smart devices and mobile phones, regardless of brand.


Wireless Charging for Notebooks & Tablets

NXP Unveils High-power Wireless Charging Solution for Notebooks & 2-in-1 Tablets.


NXP and Magic Link Brew Convenient Smartphone Charging in Pacific Coffee Houses in China

NXP and Magic Link Brew Convenient Smartphone Charging in Pacific Coffee Houses in China.