S12ZVH: S12ZVH Mixed-Signal MCU for Entry-Level Automotive & Industrial Clusters



Freescale MagniV S12ZVH 16-bit Microcotroller Block Diagram

Freescale MagniV S12ZVH 16-bit Microcotroller Block Diagram

S12 MagniV Microcontrollers for Automotive Applications


Auto instrumentation cluster based on S12 MagniV® - Demo


Target Applications

Comparison Table

Part NumberPackage DescriptionInternal FlashRAMEEPROMStepper Motor ControllerHigh Current IOLCD SegmentsCAN PhyLIN PhyAmbient Operating Temperature (Min to Max)
S912ZVH128F2CLQLQFP 144 20*20*1.4P0.5128K8K4K4-40x41--40 to 85
S912ZVH128F2CLLLQFP 100 14*14*1.4P0.5128K8K4K2-32x4---40 to 85
S912ZVH64F2CLQLQFP 144 20*20*1.4P0.564K4K4K4-40x41--40 to 85
S912ZVHY64F1CLQLQFP 144 20*20*1.4P0.564K4K2K2-40x4---40 to 85
S912ZVHY32F1CLQLQFP 144 20*20*1.4P0.532K2K2K2-40x4---40 to 85
S912ZVHY64F1CLLLQFP 100 14*14*1.4P0.564K4K2K2-32x4---40 to 85
S912ZVHY32F1CLLLQFP 100 14*14*1.4P0.532K2K2K2-32x4---40 to 85
S912ZVHL64F1CLQLQFP 144 20*20*1.4P0.564K4K2K2-40x4-1-40 to 85
S912ZVHL32F1CLQLQFP 144 20*20*1.4P0.532K2K2K2-40x4-1-40 to 85
S912ZVHL64F1CLLLQFP 100 14*14*1.4P0.564K4K2K2-32x4-1-40 to 85
S912ZVHL32F1CLLLQFP 100 14*14*1.4P0.532K2K2K2-32x4-1-40 to 85
S912ZVFP64F1CLQLQFP 144 20*20*1.4P0.564K4K2K-840x4-1-40 to 85
S912ZVFP64F1CLLLQFP 100 14*14*1.4P0.564K4K2K-832x4-1-40 to 85
S912ZVH128F2VLQLQFP 144 20*20*1.4P0.5128K8K4K4-40x41--40 to 105
S912ZVH128F2VLLLQFP 100 14*14*1.4P0.5128K8K4K2-32x4---40 to 105
S912ZVH64F2VLQLQFP 144 20*20*1.4P0.564K4K4K4-40x41--40 to 105
S912ZVHY64F1VLQLQFP 144 20*20*1.4P0.564K4K2K2-40x4---40 to 105
S912ZVHY32F1VLQLQFP 144 20*20*1.4P0.532K2K2K2-40x4---40 to 105
S912ZVHY64F1VLLLQFP 100 14*14*1.4P0.564K4K2K2-32x4---40 to 105
S912ZVHY32F1VLLLQFP 100 14*14*1.4P0.532K2K2K2-32x4---40 to 105
S912ZVHL64F1VLQLQFP 144 20*20*1.4P0.564K4K2K2-40x4-1-40 to 105

Get Started

CW MCU v10.6 for S12ZVHL Service Pack

To setup your CodeWarrior development environment for MagniV S12ZVHL applications.

  • Read the documents below for download and installation instructions.
  • Download and install the CW MCU v10.6 product, update(s) and service pack(s) in the order specified.

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