LFEBRS08DEMO: NXP Lead Free S08 and RS08 Demonstration Board



Kit Contains

Supported Devices

  • RS08KA: 8-bit General Purpose Ultra-Low-End Market KA MCUs
  • RS08KB: 8-bit RS08KB Family of Microcontrollers (MCUs)
  • RS08LA: 8-bit with LCD Driver LA MCUs
  • RS08LE: 8-bit with LCD Driver LE MCUs
  • S08AW: 8-bit General Purpose AW60/48/32/16 MCUs
  • S08D: 8-bit Cost-Effective with CAN D MCUs
  • S08EL-SL: 8-bit EEPROM with LIN S08EL and S08SL MCUs
  • S08LG: 8-bit Segment LCD S08LG32 and S08LG16 MCUs
  • S08MP: 8-bit General Purpose MP MCUs
  • S08QD: 8-bit Small Package QD MCUs
  • S08SG: 8-bit Small Package SG MCUs
  • S08SL: 8-bit EEPROM with LIN S08EL and S08SL MCUs
  • S08QA: 8-bit QA MCUs
  • S08QG: 8-bit Small Package QG MCUs