i.MX RT1060 Crossover Processor with Arm® Cortex®-M7 core



i.MX RT 1060 Block Diagram

i.MX RT 1060 Block Diagram

i.MX RT Crossover Processors

i.MX RT Crossover Processors thumbnail

Storyboard Suite Washing Machine demo for the NXP i.MX RT1060

Storyboard Suite Washing Machine demo for the NXP i.MX RT1060 thumbnail

MCUXpresso Software and Tools

MCUXpresso Config Tools – A comprehensive suite of system configuration tools, including pins, clocks, SDK builder and more.

MCUXpresso SDK – An open-source software development kit (SDK) built specifically for your processor and evaluation board selections.

MCUXpresso IDE – An easy-to-use integrated development environment (IDE) for creating, building, debugging, and optimizing your application.

i.MX RT Series—The Crossover Between Applications Processors & MCUs

Until recently, embedded processing fell into two distinct camps based on the necessity of the design. Situations calling for affordable and flexible usability would rely on microcontrollers (MCUs). Designs that exceeded the capacity of an MCU would instead use an applications processor.

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Your motor control designs just got a whole lot smarter with one little chip

Embedded solutions for motor control have historically been a big part of what we do at NXP—going all the way back to some of our Motorola product lines. In the past, motor control applications have typically relied on the affordable and flexible usability provided by microcontrollers (MCUs).

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