FRDM-KL05Z: Freedom Development Platform for the Kinetis KL05 and KL04 MCUs



Freedom Development Platform for KL05 and KL04 MCUs Block Diagram

Freedom Development Platform for KL05 and KL04 MCUs Block Diagram

FRDM-KL05Z board is Arm® mbed-Enabled

FRDM-KL05Z board is Arm<sup>®</sup> mbed-Enabled<sup>™</sup>

Getting Started with the FRDM-KL25Z Development Platform - How To


Kinetis® L Series Entertaining MCUs


Kit Contains

  • FRDM-KL05Z Hardware
  • Quick Reference Card
  • Additional hardware required: USB A-to-MiniB cable (not included).

Supported Devices

  • KL0x: Kinetis® KL0x-48 MHz, Entry-Level Ultra-Low Power Microcontrollers (MCUs) based on Arm Cortex®-M0+ Core

Get Started

Start Here! Quick Start for the FRDM-KL05Z

Get started out of the box with the FRDM-KL05Z.  
To get started, download and unzip the FRDM-KL05Z Quick Start Package This collection of resources includes:

  • A Quick Start Guide with step-by-step instructions to configure the hardware, run the out of box demo and use the OpenSDA mass-storage flash programmer to program new demos
  • Precompiled demonstration software
  • OpenSDA Applications for the FRDM-KL05Z

Start by following the instructions in the Quick Start Guide and explore the possibilities with your NXP Freedom KL05Z development platform.

More packages coming soon.

  • FRDM-KL05Z_QSP Quick Start Package
  • Start here! FRDM-KL05Z Quick Start Package containing Quick Start Guide, precompiled examples and OpenSDA Applications
  • Type: Board Support Packages
  • OpenSDA
  • User’s Guide for the OpenSDA (open-standard serial and debug adapter) embedded on the FRDM-KL05Z
  • Type: Users Guide Format: pdf Size: 1.0 MB
  • FRDM-KL05Z User's Manual
  • Comprehensive reference for the FRDM-KL05Z hardware design, features and usage
  • Type: Users Guide Format: zip Size: 1.4 MB