LPCXpresso IDE Pro Edition Purchases

The Pro Edition of LPCXpresso IDE provides the following enhancements over the Free Edition:

  • No debug download code size limits
  • Enhanced trace and profiling features
  • Technical support: one year of email ticket-based support from NXP engineers on the use of LPCXpresso IDE (in addition to free forum-based support)

LPCXpresso IDE Pro Edition activation codes can purchased online from the LPCXpresso IDE webstore:

* http://sites.fastspring.com/nxpsemiconductors/product/lpcxpressoide

Information about purchasing through Fastspring, our webstore partner, can be found at:

* https://fastspring.com/purchasing-through-fastspring

Note: An LPCXpresso IDE Pro Edition activation code will also enable the Pro Edition features of MCUXpresso IDE. For more details of MCUXpresso IDE, please visit http://www.nxp.com/mcuxpresso/ide