OM13094: LPCXpresso54618 CAN-FD kit



OM13094 LPCXpresso54618 CAN-FD kit

OM13094 LPCXpresso54618 CAN-FD kit

MCUXpresso Software and Tools Overview

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Kit Contains

  • 1x LPCXpresso54618 Development Board, pre-loaded with demonstration program showing CAN loopback example.
  • 1x CAN/CAN-FD transceiver shield board

Supported Devices

  • NX3DV2567: Low-ohmic four-pole double-throw analog switch
  • NX5P2190UK: Logic controlled high-side power switch
  • TJA1059TK: Dual high-speed CAN transceiver with Standby mode

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