TWR-LS1021A: QorIQ ® LS1021A Tower ® System Module




TWR-LS1021A QorIQ LS1 Tower System Module

TWR-LS1021A QorIQ LS1 Tower System Module

TWR-LS1021A QorIQ® LS1 Tower® System Module

TWR-LS1021A QorIQ<sup>&#174;</sup> LS1 Tower<sup>&#174;</sup> System Module

Get Started with the TWR-LS1021A Tower® System module


Kit Contains

The TWR-LS1021A module comes with:

  • One TWR-LS1021A module
  • Power cord, connector cables
  • Linux and CodeWarrior ARM toolchain software
  • Reference design (schematics, layout and BOM available)
  • Quick Start Guide and User's Guide

Supported Devices

  • LS1021A: QorIQ® Layerscape 1021A Dual-Core Communications Processor with LCD Controller

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