S32V234: Vision Processor for Front and Surround View Camera, Machine Learning and Sensor Fusion Applications

Classroom Training (2)

Date Name/Description Vendor Language Location
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  • Debugging and Trace Analysis by Lauterbach
  • Courses are individually prepared covering any aspect of debugging and trace analysis as required by the customer.
  • 4 Hour(s)
Lauterbach Contact Provider Contact Provider
Contact Provider
  • THREADX RTOS TRAINING by Express Logic
  • Express Logic offers a comprehensive training program. The initial training course features hands-on embedded systems development using THREADX, the high-performance RTOS for deeply embedded applications.
  • 2 Day(s)
Express Logic Contact Provider Contact Provider

Hardware & Software Engineering Services (6)

  • Ashling Microsystems thumbnail
  • Ashling Microsystems
  • Ashling Microsystems is a technology partner offering integrated solutions, tools, and design services that are at the heart of the embedded environment.Ashling has the know-how (35+ years’ experience) and resources ...
  • Approved Engineering ConsultantsAsia, Europe, China, Americas, Japan
  • Express Logic thumbnail
  • Express Logic
  • Express Logic is the company behind the industry leading THREADX RTOS - arguably the most popular RTOS with over 6.2 Billion deployments per VDC Research. THREADX powers the X-WARE IoT ...
  • PartnerAmericas
  • Nan Jing Xing Che Bao Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd thumbnail
  • Nan Jing Xing Che Bao Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd
  • Our company is a high-tech enterprise committed to providing customers with a full package of intelligent driving solutions. With the profound accumulation in the field of AI, and with the ...
  • Approved Engineering ConsultantsChina
  • Au-Zone Technologies is a leading provider of development tools, engineering design services, and enabling IP used for the design and deployment of intelligent devices at the edge.By utilizing our tools ...
  • Approved Engineering ConsultantsAsia, Europe, Americas, China, Japan
  • PhoenixMicro Inc. thumbnail
  • PhoenixMicro Inc.
  • PhoenixMicro, Inc. offers Training and Consulting focusing on Power Architecture and ARM Technology. It includes NXP SoCs such as QorIQ, Layerscape, PowerQUICC, and MPC5xxx devices.We have a combined experience of ...
  • Approved Engineering ConsultantsAsia, Americas, Europe, Japan, China
  • L4B Software thumbnail
  • L4B Software
  • L4B Software is a leading global supplier for Embedded Software solutions and engineering services since 2004.L4B supports OEM customers in a wide range of industries: Automotive, consumer electronics, and industrial ...
  • Approved Engineering ConsultantsEurope

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