72MHz, 5V Main Stream CM0+ MCU with NXP Touch (TSI) and CAN Control

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Block Diagram

Kinetis KE1xZ MCU Family

Kinetis KE1xZ MCU Family Block Diagram


  • Up to 72 MHz Cortex-M0+ core supporting a broad range of processing bandwidth requirements while maintaining excellent cost-effectiveness, easy to use packages and a wide range of memory densities
  • Enhanced robust IOs make sure the high performance under noisy environment
  • Robust TSI supports both mutual cap mode and self-cap mode, providing flexibility for up to 72 touch keys
  • Implementation of CAN protocol – Version 2.0A/B, support both standards and extended data frames, up to 1Mbps data rate
  • Flextime featured up to 8ch PWM supports 3-phase motor control with dead time insertion and fault detect
  • 1MSPS 12b ADC with up to 16ch input per module provides fast sampling rate for prompt data conversion and storage
  • Analog comparator for fast response to external analog change
  • Programmable delay block with flexible trigger system providing various interconnections for on-chip modules, ADC, DAC, Flextimers, ACMP, etc
  • FlexIO provides flexibility for serial communication interface implementation
  • Boot ROM provides on-chip boot code and serial port drivers that could save flash space and provide flexible boot options and in system programming support
  • Faster time to market with comprehensive enablement solutions, including SDK (drivers, libraries, stacks), IDE, bootloader, RTOS, online community and more
  • Supported by MCUXpresso SDK, IDE and Config Tools


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