LPC840: 32-Bit Arm® Cortex®-M0+-Based Low-Cost MCU

Block Diagram




Low power, simple, flexible and small form factor

  • Low-power, 30 MHz Cortex-M0+ core with advanced power optimization
  • Advanced peripherals for full range of timing functionality and design flexibility
  • Serial connectivity
  • Small footprint in popular packages


  • 64 kB Flash, small 64 B page size suitable for EEPROM emulation
  • 16 kB RAM (Logic for Bit banding across all of SRAM)

Exceptional power efficiency in low-current mode using the FRO as the clock source

  • Free Running Oscillator (FRO)
  • Five power modes
  • Power profile APIs for simple runtime power optimization

FAIM is used to configure the part at start-up

  • Pin configuration including direction and pull-up or pull-down
  • Clocks and PMU for low-power start-up

Full range of timing features from basic to advanced (SCTimer/PWM)

  • Flexible triggers to optimize power use

Accurate 1.2-Msps ADC: 12 ch, 12-bit

  • Ideal for oversampling to improve conversion accuracy
  • Flexible triggers to optimize power use

More serial connectivity

  • 4 I2C for digital sensor interface and more
  • 2 SPI, 5 UART
  • 54 GPIO with switch matrix, support input pattern match engine

Additional features

  • 25-ch DMA offloads core
  • Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC): 2 ch, 10-bit
  • Capacitive touch interface (enablement coming in Q3)
  • Supported by MCUXpresso SDK, IDE and Config Tools

Part numbers include: LPC844M201JBD48, LPC844M201JBD64, LPC844M201JHI33, LPC844M201JHI48, LPC845M301JBD48, LPC845M301JBD64, LPC845M301JHI33, LPC845M301JHI48.


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