MCX A13x, 14x, 15x MCUs with Arm® Cortex® M33, Scalable Device Options, Low Power and Intelligent Peripherals

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MCX A14x and MCX A15x Block Diagram

MCX A14x/15x Block Diagram

MCX A142x Block Diagram

MCX A142x Block Diagram

MCX A144x Block Diagram

MCX A144x Block Diagram


Key Features

  • Arm® Cortex®-M33 96MHz with 396 CoreMark (4.12 CoreMark/MHz)
  • Up to 1MB Flash, up to 128KB SRAM, 8 KB SRAM with ECC
  • All RAM can be retained down to Deep Power Down mode
  • -40 °C to 125 °C temperature range

Core Platform

  • Arm 32-bit Cortex-M33 CPU, with FPU and DSP extension instruction set, no TrustZone, no MPU


  • Single-bank Flash: Up to 1024 KB Flash with ECC (support one bit correction and two bits detection)
  • Flash minimum programming size is 16 bytes
  • Support Flash Swap with 8 KB granularity
  • Cache Engine with 4 KB RAM
  • Up to 128 KB RAM, configurable as up to 8 KB with ECC (support single bit correction two bits detection)
  • All RAM can be retained down to deep power down mode


  • Analog
    • Up to two single-ended 16-bit ADC with sample rate of 4.0 Msamples/sec in 12-bit mode, and 3.2Msamples/sec in 16-bit mode. Up to 32 ADC input channels with multiple internal and external trigger inputs
    • One integrated temperature sensor per ADC
    • One 12-bit DAC
    • Two high-speed comparators with 8 input pins and a 8-bit DAC as internal reference, one comparator is functional down to deep power down mode, can be used as a wake-up source from low-power modes
    • One OpAmp supports PGA
  • Timers
    • Up to five 32-bit standard general-purpose asynchronous timers/counters, each timer supports up to four capture inputs and four compare outputs; specific timer events can be selected to generate DMA requests
    • Low power timer
    • Frequency measurement timer
    • Windowed watchdog Timer
    • Wake timer
    • Micro-tick timer (UTICK) that runs from the 1 MHz clock. This can wake up the device from reduced power modes up to deep sleep with Flash off, with extremely low power consumption
    • 42-bit free running OS timer as a continuous time base for the system, available in any reduced power modes
  • Communication Interfaces
    • USB 2.0 full speed device controller with on-chip PHY supporting crystal-less operation in device mode
    • Up to two LPSPI modules, supporting up to 50MHz operation frequency in master mode
    • Up to four LPI2C supporting Standard, Fast, Fast+ and Ultra Fast modes
    • Up to five LPUART, provides asynchronous, serial communication capabilities
    • One I3C bus interface
    • One FlexIO programmable as a variety of serial and parallel interfaces, including, but not limited to display driver and camera interface (depending on part number)
    • One FlexCAN with FD (depending on part number)
  • Advanced Motor Control Subsystem
    • Up to two FlexPWM each with 3 sub-modules, providing 12 complementary outputs of PWM (no Nanoedge module)
    • Up to two Quadrature Decoder (eQDC), provides interfacing capability to position/speed sensors used in industrial motor control applications
    • Up to two AOI (AND/OR/Invert) module support up to 4 output trigger

MCUXpresso Developer Experience


  • Device Life cycle management
  • Flash read/write/execute permission protect by MBC and lockable
  • 128-bit Universal Unique Identifier (UUID) per device in accordance to IETF’s RFC4122 version 5 specification
  • Code Watchdog and glitch attack resistant keyed access (Glikey) support a security monitoring


  • 64LQFP, 10x10mm, 32QFN, 5x5mm and 48QFN, 7x7mm



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