VFxxx F Series: Microprocessors (MPUs) based on Arm® Cortex®-A5 and M4 Cores

The Vybrid® F Series portfolio brings to market devices that at the entry level, provide a low-power, single-core solution for applications processing. At the high-end, they provide a highly integrated, heterogeneous dual-core MPU for applications requiring rich human-machine interfaces and connectivity with real-time determinism. This enables customers to create systems that concurrently run a high-level operating system such as Linux® and a real-time operating system such as MQX on the same device.

Each device in the Vybrid F Series portfolio offers a total system solution including application notes, integrated development environment, tools, Linux OS and MQX RTOS, Tower® System and a rich set of partner resources.

Vybrid F Series Processors