MPC5604EKIT: NXP MPC5604EKIT:Development Kit Enabling Video Over Ethernet with NXP® MPC5604E MCU



MPC5604EKIT Block Diagram

MPC5604EKIT Block Diagram

Kit Contains

  • NXP MPC5604E MCU MPC5604E mini development board
  • Aptina Image sensor and ISP daughter card (AP0132+AP0101)
  • NXP Ethernet camera streaming software (for development purposes only)
  • Mini start up guide

Supported Devices

  • MPC560xE: Ultra-Reliable 32-bit MCU for Automotive ADAS and Industrial Ethernet Applications

Get Started

Get Started With NXP MPC5604EKIT

This collection of resources will help you get started with the MPC5604EKIT based on MPC5604E and Aptina sensor and ISP running NXP Software for Ethernet based Camera Systems using MPC5604E. We recommend you follow these simple steps: Follow the Quick Start Guide below to run the pre-programmed application. Download the latest NXP Software for the kit and follow installation instructions. Download the hardware design files to help get a jumpstart on your own design.

  • NXP® MPC5604EKIT - Quick Start Guide
  • Provides an overview of the hardware, kit contents, step-by-step instructions for running the out-of-box demo and a jumper settings quick reference table.
  • Type: Users Guide Format: pdf Size: 578.8 kB

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