MPC564xB-C: Ultra-Reliable MPC564xB-C MCU for Automotive & Industrial Control Applications



MPC564xB-C Microcontroller Block Diagram

MPC564xB-C Microcontroller Block Diagram

Key Parametrics

  • Flash (kB)
    3072, 1536, 4096, 2048
  • Operating Frequency [Max] (MHz)
  • GPIO
    147, 199, 177

Complementary products for your application

Get Started

CodeWarrior for MCU 10.6

To setup your CodeWarrior development environment for MPC5xxx applications.

  • Read the document below for download and installation instructions.
  • Download and install the CW MCU v10.6 product.
  • Download and install CW MCU v10.6 Update 1.0.0.