MPC5777C: Ultra-Reliable MPC5777C MCU for Automotive and Industrial Engine Management

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English 17 Jun 2019

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  • Ashling Microsystems thumbnail
  • Ashling Microsystems
  • Ashling Microsystems is a technology partner offering integrated solutions, tools, and design services that are at the heart of the embedded environment.Ashling has the know-how (35+ years’ experience) and resources ...
  • GoldEurope, Americas
  • Argus Cyber Security thumbnail
  • Argus Cyber Security
  • Argus is an automotive cyber security pioneer dedicated to partnering with the automotive industry to protect connected cars from car-hacking. Argus offers comprehensive and patent-pending solutions and services. Argus’ solutions ...
  • GoldAsia, Europe, Americas, China, Japan
  • HuaJun Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. thumbnail
  • HuaJun Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
  • HuaJun is an technical service provider that focus on powertrain controller development for electric vechicals,including BMS,VCU and MCU,especially function safety development for the controllers.
  • GoldChina