GNSS receiver subsystem IP from antenna to position

The Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) IP is a fully integrated alignment-free turnkey solution for GNSS enabled SoC devices. The dual channels share a common GNSS RF front-end, frequency synthesizer and other infrastructure, resulting in a small die area and inherent interference free coexistence between the two channels. The GNSS front-end supports concurrent reception of the GPS/GALILEO L1 standard and the GLONASS standard, which results in a faster time for first fix and provides a higher accuracy, reliability and coverage in difficult areas. The dual channel mode supports also concurrent reception of GPS/GALILEO L1 and BEIDOU.

The IP is optimized and silicon proven for modern CMOS technologies and includes dedicated features for interference-free co-existence with on-chip wireless standards like WiMAX/WiFi, Bluetooth, and cellular.


  • Multi-standard communication devices
  • Integrated cellular handset devices
  • Navigation devices

Technology Partner


Catena is an international group of innovative companies, experts in system and architectures as well as in the design of Integrated Circuits and independent System IP. Since its establishment in 1986, Catena has been recognized as the partner of choice for global IC makers in designing wireless connectivity and sensor electronics system solutions created by world-class RF, signal processing and system architecture experts.

Catena provides full custom IC developments as well as complete system IP for various applications, enabling its customers fast time-to-market. The developments are mainly one chip solutions including RF, Analog, Mixed Signal, Digital Signal Processing, Embedded Cores, Embedded Software and tooling.

Catena is a 100% NXP-owned strong radio IP & design services resource (140 persons). It has experience with licensing to 3rd parties of “hard” (frontend) and “soft” (digital) radio IPs such as FM RX & TX, ZigBee, GPS RX, WIFI. Catena announced further partnerships with IP house CEVA and foundry Global Foundries.


  • Fully integrated dual channel GNSS receiver solution in 40 nm CMOS technology
  • Concurrent GPS/GALILEO and GLONASS reception
  • Concurrent GPS/GALILEO and BEIDOU reception location
  • Tolerant for cellular and data-link interferers
  • Low Noise Figure
  • Supports external LNA with up to 24 dB gain
  • Programmable ADC resolution (3 or 5 bits)
  • Alignment free design
  • AGC for optimal ADC dynamic range with programmable level detection
  • SoC Co-existence and co-habitation optimized architecture
  • Low supply voltage (process dependent)
  • Low current consumption
  • Fully integrated frequency synthesizer
  • Programmable external system clock
  • Command-based control handler
  • Support for various industry-standard control interfaces
  • Programmable/selectable interrupts enable application specific event signaling
  • Integration of customer-specific features by firmware update
  • Available as hard macro and/or soft-IP
  • SoC integration ready


Positioning features (baseband & post processing)


  • Data fusion
  • Tight multi sensor data fusion Inertial / Odometer / Vision (optional: high value added in urban environment)
  • Increase from 36% (GPS alone) to 100% (IMU/GPS fusion) availability in urban canyons environment
  • Down to 3,5m accuracy @ 95% in urban canyons environment (6,5m w/ GPS only)
  • Down to 1,3m accuracy @ 95% in Medium constrained environment (1,6m w/ GPS only)
  • TTFF (Time To First Fix)
  • 45s mean in COLD START mode;
  • 15s mean in WARM START mode (ephemerids and approximate Time and Position are known);
  • 1s mean in HOT START mode (ephemerids and precise Position, Velocity and Time are known);
  • Configurable Multi constellation receiver, GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BEIDOU
  • 12 channels per constellation
  • PPP / RTK algorithms (optional)
  • Advanced map matching
  • FDE (Fault Detection and Exclusion) algorithm
  • GALILEO CBOC (6,1,1) WB 14MHz modulation scheme


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