Low-Power Multiband Broadcast Radio IP


The multiband radio front-end IP is a fully integrated alignment-free turn-key SoC solution for analog and digital radio broadcast reception. It receives analog FM and AM as well as digital radio broadcasts DAB, HD, DRM30+ which are applicable in the L-, VHF3-, VHF2-, SW-, MW- and LW-bands.

The IP supports 50/75 Ω terminated antenna inputs (DAB-L, DAB-3, FM), a 40 cm telescopic antenna input (DAB-3, FM, SW) and a magnetic ferroceptor input (MW, LW). This MW/LW ferrocepter antenna is fully tuned internally, but the IP also provides a tune DAC functionality for varactor tuning support (e.g. to tune resonating antennas).

For digital broadcast standards, the IP interfaces the received signal at baseband together with front-end AGC information to an external decoder subsystem. Analog broadcast standards (AM/FM) are completely processed inside the radio IP (incl. RDS; DARC optional). The demodulated audio signal is available either at the digital I2S interface or as analog audio out viw the optional high quality stereo DAC.

The multi standard receiver architecture is optimized for modern CMOS technologies and shows best in class performance with excellent sensitivity and signal handling capabilities.


  • Fully integrated multiband radio front-end solution in 40 nm CMOS technology
  • DAB-L/DAB-3/FM terminated inputs
  • DAB-3/FM/SW inputs for 40 cm telescopic antenna
  • MW/LW ferrocepter inputs with internal capacitance tuning
  • Single ended inputs
  • Baseband IQ interface for digital broadcast standards
  • Fully integrated demodulation of analog modulated broadcast standards (AM/FM incl. hybrid HD radio)
  • Integrated RDS decoding with extensive set of high-level RDS/RBDS features
  • Cenelec compliant receiver
  • Alignment free design
  • Command-based control handler
  • Analog high end quality stereo output
  • Digital audio in- and outputs (I2S master and slave mode)
  • Dual stereo sample rate conversion with self-locking slave-mode operation (digital audio in/out; independent conversion)
  • Support for various industry-standard control interfaces
  • Fully integrated frequency synthesizer
  • Low supply voltage (process dependent)
  • Low current consumption
  • Programmable external system clock
  • Built-in test features (BIST) for lowest production test cost
  • Integration of customer-specific features by firmware update
  • Available as hardmacro and/or soft-IP
    • SoC integration ready

Technology Partner


Catena is an international group of innovative companies, experts in system and architectures as well as in the design of Integrated Circuits and independent System IP. Since its establishment in 1986, Catena has been recognized as the partner of choice for global IC makers in designing wireless connectivity and sensor electronics system solutions created by world-class RF, signal processing and system architecture experts.

Catena provides full custom IC developments as well as complete system IP for various applications, enabling its customers fast time-to-market. The developments are mainly one chip solutions including RF, Analog, Mixed Signal, Digital Signal Processing, Embedded Cores, Embedded Software and tooling.

Catena is a 100% NXP-owned strong radio IP & design services resource (140 persons). It has experience with licensing to 3rd parties of “hard” (frontend) and “soft” (digital) radio IPs such as FM RX & TX, ZigBee, GPS RX, WIFI. Catena announced further partnerships with IP house CEVA and foundry Global Foundries.



  • Hand held portable radio
  • Integrated alarm clock and boom box radio
  • Kitchen, alarm clock and boom box radio
  • High-end radio receivers

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