NXP® GreenChip Solutions

NXP’s innovative GreenChip Solutions is aimed at enabling smarter, more compact, and extremely energy efficient power solutions. The GreenChip complete system solutions are found in everything from power supplies to smart fast-charging adapters, innovative fast battery charging, system protection, and secure wireless charging.

NXP offers a wide range of AC-DC Power solutions that addresses a wide range of applications such as USB Type-C, laptop, gaming , TV and others with leading technologies that offers:

  • High efficient AC-DC power conversion
  • Superior safety and reliability
  • Highly integrated and cost efficient system

Our AC-DC solutions also meets or exceeds all applicable US DOE and EU CoC energy conservation standards.


  • Highly efficient – extremely low standby power
  • Our products are designed to meet and exceed the requirements of various energy standards, including:
    • Energy star
    • EuP lot6
    • US Department of Energy (DoE) requirements
    • European Code of Conduct (CoC) requirements