GaN Products and Solutions

NXP offers industry leading GaN solutions for cellular infrastructure, industrial and defense markets. As the cellular market moves to higher frequency and power levels, our GaN technology provides state-of-the-art linearizability and RF performance to simplify 5G deployments. NXP GaN technology also enables industry leading wideband performance and high frequency operation for the defense and industrial industries. In addition, all the benefits of solid-state devices can be applied to RF energy applications without any compromise on efficiency.

Benefits of NXP GaN

  • Optimized for 4G and 5G cellular specifications
  • Advanced GaN on SiC technology, offering high power density
  • Matching topologies for extended wideband performance
  • High volume production
  • End-to-end application and solution support
  • Packaging expertise and leadership
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RF Power GaN Portfolios

Explore our RF high power GaN portfolios designed for applications ranging from cellular infrastructure, ISM, broadcast, aerospace and defense and mobile radio.

Portfolio Solutions Summary
Cellular Infrastructure

Our RF cellular infrastructure high power portfolio offers a full lineup of LDMOS and GaN power transistors. Device frequency operation ranges from 450 MHz to 4000 MHz and supports all cellular standards.

Aerospace and Defense

Our RF GaN and LDMOS technologies are suited for aerospace and defense applications. The high power and high gain performance of these devices make them ideal for common-source amplifier applications under demanding conditions.

RF Energy GaN brings all the benefits of solid-stage devices, such as precise control, reliability and ease of use to RF energy while also offering improved RF performance when compared to legacy vacuum tubes and magnetrons.

What's New

5G Press Release  Image

NXP strengthens 5G development support with mass market release of multi-chip modules offering the highest levels of integration, ease of use and performance on the market.

RF Power On-Demand Image

NXP releases the RF Circuit Collection – RF Power On-Demand

Explore this library of more than 400 RF power reference circuits addressing a wide range of fast-growing markets from 5G communications infrastructure to smart industrial applications.