LDMOS Products and Solutions

As the founders of LDMOS technology, NXP enables the majority of the world's cellular voice and data traffic every day, and in some of the harshest environments on earth.

With an expansive LDMOS portfolio, NXP is leading the way to 5G with innovative solutions for cellular infrastructure and developing ease of use solutions for industrial, scientific, medical, broadcast and aerospace and defense applications. Our high power LDMOS portfolio offers full lineups of 7.5 V to 65 V transistors with output powers ranging from 1 W to 1800 W. Device frequency operation ranges from 1 MHz to 5000 MHz and supports all global cellular standards, including LTE and 5G NR.

Adaptive Technology Advancements

Our Airfast LDMOS technology provides high-class performance for critical parameters including efficiency, gain, RF power and signal bandwidth while reducing the overall footprint of the design. The advancement in Airfast technology is driving the industry forward to achieve further reduction in both the size of cellular base stations and installation costs.

Airfast3 Adaptive Technology Advancements
RF LDMOS Cellular
RF LDMOS Packages
RF LDMOS Industrial

RF Power LDMOS Portfolios

Explore our RF high power LDMOS portfolios designed for applications ranging from cellular infrastructure, ISM, broadcast, aerospace and defense and mobile radio.

Portfolio Solutions Summary
Aerospace and Defense Our RF GaN and LDMOS technologies are suited for aerospace and defense applications. The high power and high gain performance of these devices make them ideal for common-source amplifier applications under demanding conditions.
Cellular Infrastructure Our RF cellular infrastructure high power portfolio offers a full lineup of LDMOS and GaN power transistors. Device frequency operation ranges from 450 MHz to 4000 MHz and supports all cellular standards.
Cooking Leading the transformation from conventional cooking heat sources to solid-state RF, our innovative devices and reference designs enable you to create smart kitchen appliances that deliver high quality cooking with convenience.
Defrosting We offer devices specifically designed for RF defrosting applications in high frequency ISM bands. The devices provide exceptional power, ruggedness and efficiency, which are key to the optimal performance of RF defrosting applications.
ISM and Broadcast Our RF industrial, scientific, medical (ISM) and broadcast power transistors are designed to simplify use of solid-state RF in high power applications at frequencies ranging from 1 to 2450 MHz.
Mobile Radio Our RF 7.5 and 12.5 V transistors are designed for 2-way handheld and vehicle radios. The broadband performance of these devices makes them ideal as general purpose drivers for ISM and broadcast applications below 1 GHz.

What's New

5G Press Release  Image

NXP strengthens 5G development support with mass market release of multi-chip modules offering the highest levels of integration, ease of use and performance on the market.

RF Power On-Demand Image

NXP releases the RF Circuit Collection – RF Power On-Demand

Explore this library of more than 400 RF power reference circuits addressing a wide range of fast-growing markets from 5G communications infrastructure to smart industrial applications.