Our varicap diode (or varactor or tuning diode) solutions principally support voltage variable capacitors, with diode function as a secondary option. These small devices play an important role in a host of RF applications—from tuning frequency multiplier and modulation to coupling elements in filters with controlled bandwidth, parametric amplification, and switching in the VHF and microwave regions.


  • Excellent matching
  • Excellent linearity and matching
  • Very small and leadless SMD packages
  • Very low series resistance
  • Complete portfolio covering a wide range of applications
  • Tight capacitance specifications
  • High capacitance ratio

Target Applications

  • Electronic tuning including satellite and terrestrial TV tuners
  • DVD recorders
  • FM radio tuning from car radios to mobile phones
  • Voltage controlled oscillator (VCO)
  • Voltage controlled crystal oscillator/temperature controlled crystal oscillator (VCXO/TCXO)