NXP is leading the transformation from conventional methods of cooking to solid state. Our innovative RF components, modules and reference designs enable you to modernize your cooking appliance and deliver dramatically improved cooking results.

RF Cooking

NXP Advantages

  • Highest efficiency in the industry
  • High gain minimizes the number of stages to simplify designs
  • Field-proven high-voltage LDMOS process
  • Best ruggedness in the industry for system reliability
  • Leader in cost-effective, over-molded plastic packaging
  • History of proven reliability, quality and consistency
RF Cooking Transistors

NXP Solid-State RF Power Transistors Transform Cooking Appliances

More energy applied more efficiently to food enables a new wave of advanced cooking appliances for dramatically improved consistency, nutrition and speed.

RF Cooking High-Performance Module

NXP High-Performance Integrated Module Accelerates Development of Solid-State RF Cooking Appliances

Plug-and-play, solid-state RF cooking module helps reduce time-to-market with easy-to-use design for intelligent cooking.

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RF Cooking Transistors

NXP's Vision of an Intelligent, Connected Solid-State RF Cooking Appliance

Smart cooking appliance concept dramatically boosts convenience and quality of home cooking and enables compelling new business models and opportunities.



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